Jim’s CISSP Notes
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Domain Weight
1 Information Security & Risk Management 15%
2 Asset Security 10%
3 Security Engineering & Architecture 13%
4 Communications & Network Security 13%
5 Identity & Access Management 13%
6 Security Assessment & Testing 12%
7 Security Operations 13%
8 Software Development Security 11%

Helpful advice

  • Take your time, study and relax
    Unless you’re under some kind of time crunch, relax, and study at a reasonable pace (for you)!

  • Mike Chappel’s CISSP series on LinkedIn Learning was really good and very underrated (I rarely saw it mentioned on the CISSP subreddit). You can sign up for a 30 day trial and use it to go through each course.

  • Larry Greenblatt’s Pass the CISSP with Kirk and Spock series (see below) was also helpful for me to get in the right mindset when approaching each question. (It’s especially helpful if you’re into Star Trek and can relate with who Kirk and Spock are! 🖖🏻)

  • Kelly Handerhan’s course on Cybrary is often praised. I didn’t think it was that great. It was way too in-depth in some places and completely skipped some other things. It might be useful as a refresher afterwards, or not.

Kirk & Spock

Jim and Spock

Spock Kirk
Spock is a rational, logical Vulcan thinker. Kirk is a compassionate, human thinker.
Spock describes things quantitatively using measurements and hard data.
Kirk is able to describe things qualitatively using more abstract ideas like “good” and “bad.”
Spock only makes decisions based upon facts and is not swayed by his or others’ opinions.
Kirk is able to make descisions based on his personal perspective and preferences.
Spock describes things in an analytical way and is only concerned with their cost.
Kirk is able to ascribe values to items.
Spock is a SME, but only second-in-command.
He can only certify that something would meet appropriate criteria.
Kirk is the senior officer of the ship.
He is the one that supplies that final approval and authorization that a system can be used.
Spock “proves” answers wrong using logic. Kirk “feels” the right answer by using experience and instinct.